Thu 27.07. - Sun 20.08.2023

Theatron MusicSummer

Munich's Summer of Music at the Olympic Lake


For almost five decades it has been a cult event and an integral part of the Munich summer: the Theatron Festival on the open-air stage at Lake Olympia. Well-known national and international bands have already played here, and for some of them the performance was the springboard to a great career. And in 2023, a varied programme of music from different genres awaits visitors once again.

During the 1972 Summer Games, the stage, designed as an open-air amphitheatre, was the venue for performances of the cultural programme. The first music festival was opened in 1974 by the Munich band "Sonnenschiff". At the drums at that time was the later long-time and legendary Theatron organiser and music producer Artur Silber, who died much too early in 2021 at the age of only 66.

Many bands that are famous today played here as unknown up-and-coming combos: Sportfreunde Stiller, Fury in the Slaughterhouse and even the Scorpions. Others have already graced the stage as world stars, such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer or the Spencer Davis Group. And as always, the Theatron Festival offers a colourful programme for every taste.

This year's line-up will once again mainly feature young local heroes from Munich and Bavaria: whether it's indie folk rock with "The Ruby Sea" (7.8.), melancholy songs by Munich songwriter Henny Herz (8.8.), blues-funk with the quintet "The Whiskey Foundation" (11.8.) or powerful rock'n'roll with the two sisters Sarah and Steph from "Deer Park Avenue" (19.8.). 

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Arbeitsgemeinschaft THEATRON Musiksommer c/o EurArt – Agentur Becker & Seidemann

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