Sun 18.03.2018

Thirty Seconds To Mars

European Tour 2018

Singer/guitarist Jared Leto and his band Thirty Seconds To Mars have been producing powerful, melody-driven alternative rock for nearly two decades. They’ve now taken on a massive new project.

Their new, fifth album is expected to be released in early 2018, along with the documentary “A Day in the Life of America”. The band, together with 90 film crews, set out to film parallel in all 50 states on the 4th of July, providing an intimate glimpse of today’s USA on just one day. Jared Leto is not only a fantastic singer and performer, he’s also been one of America’s most talented actors for the past two decades. He formed Thirty Seconds To Mars in 1998 together with his brother Shannon Leto on drums. The two have been playing music together since their childhood. The brothers’ self-titled debut album, which they recorded on their own, immediately saw over 100,000 sales and currently stands at sales of over two million copies. After another breath-taking success with “Love, Lust, Faith ad Dreams” (2013) and nearly two more years on a world tour, the band came up with a unique cinematic concept for their upcoming next album. They deployed over 90 film crews to all 50 US states last summer for the 4th of July, capturing a prism of American life, never seen before in this depth and diversity, on its national holiday.
07:30 PM

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