Sat 03.06.2017

Tim Bendzko Band

Immer noch Mensch - Tour 2017

After three years, Tim Bendzko is back – as singer, songwriter, musician and producer on his third album "Immer noch Mensch".

"Many artists talk about searching for themselves and reinventing themselves all over. This strikes me as kind of funny... would it not make more sense to get a clearer vision of what is already there instead? To me, music is more about the constant refinement of one's own core. When I make new music, what I want to do is get one step closer each time to my own musical core. My third album is above all a way for me to define my own style", says Tim Bendzko. His long-awaited new album was preceded in September 2016 by the release of the first single "Keine Maschine" for streaming and download. Combined with the accompanying images, the song makes Tim Bendzko's personal message quite clear: “The title (“no machine”) perfectly reflects the album’s central theme, i.e. being human. And I also find that the sound of this track makes a clear statement about the whole album. Young people always have an idea of the direction their life should take. However, it often happens years later that one realizes – if only for a moment – that they have ended up in a completely different situation. At this point one should maybe consider whether what is done is done, or if they still want to pursue their dreams".
07:30 PM

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