Thu 22.02.2018


40 Trips Around The Sun World Tour 2018

TOTO has announced their first concert dates celebrating 40 years together in 2018. The "40 Trips Around The Sun" tour starts in February 2018 in Europe and will celebrate the band’s long existence with their biggest world tour in years.

TOTO has also released a brand new Greatest Hits album with Legacy Recordings to coincide with the start of the tour. It contains new, previously unreleased songs as well as familiar hits remastered by Elliot Scheiner & Gavin Lurssen and their team. Few other groups in the history of music have had such an influence on pop culture as TOTO. The band’s members – as individual musicians – play on astonishing 5,000 albums which, put together, account for half a billion albums sold, and from these over 200 recordings have been nominated for Grammy Awards by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. With nearly 40 years together and literally thousands of honours and awards, TOTO is still one of the biggest-selling bands worldwide in both album and ticket sales. They are the benchmark against which many artists measure their sound and their production, they surpass all music industry standards, and are simply synonymous with musical credibility. TOTO are pop culture. They are one of the few bands of the 1970s which have outlived changing trends and styles, and are still making several generations of fans happy across the globe.
8:00 PM

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