Sat 14.12.2024


Biergarnitour 2024

Olympic Hall

He has been one of the big Bavarian high-flyers in the music business in recent years: Timo Grabinger from the Upper Palatinate, who caused a sensation under his stage name Tream with his very special mix of party hits and rap - which is why he is also considered Germany's first pop rapper. Tream will be coming to the Olympic Hall for the finale of his big "Biergarnitour" on 14 December 2024.

His trademark is the white and blue neckerchief as a tribute to his homeland. Having grown up in Büchelkühn, a district of Schwandorf, Timo dedicated himself entirely to music after training as a chef. His commercial breakthrough came in 2022 with the hit "Lebenslang" and his first placement in the German singles charts. "Zeiten auf Kies", "Liebe auf der Rückbank" (in collaboration with rapper Finch) and "Weinst Du" also made it into the top 100. He also made it into the German album charts for the first time in 2023 with his fifth studio album "Büchelkühn". Songs such as "Hinters Bierzelt", "3er BMW" and "Goldmarie" became examples of his very own crossover between rap and party hits, electronic dance music and happy hardstyle. 

His appearance at the end of 2023 in ZDF's big New Year's Eve show caused a sensation. As part of the stage performance, his comrades-in-arms held up Büchelkühn town signs. The next day, all the yellow signs on the edge of the Schwandorf district had actually disappeared. In autumn 2024, Tream will embark on his biggest tour to date. He will play the last concert of his beer tour on 14 December in the Olympic Hall. As a finale dahoam.

08:00 PM
Entry 06:30 PM
Olympic Hall


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