Wed 17.05.2017

Udo Lindenberg

Stärker als die Zeit - Live 2017

A thank you from the godfather of German rock n' roll to his millions of fans and the more than 800,000 spectators who have enjoyed his spectacular shows.

The last few years have not only brought about UDO LINDENBERG’s musical rebirth, but also unprecedented stadium shows with almost three hours of pure power – faster, higher, more. It has been three years of megalomania. The shows featuring the reigning spirit UDO and his Panic family have opened the door to a whole new era of musical events: UDO LINDENBERG flew from the stars to his fans. "I wanted to bring to the stadium a rock revue with aerial acrobatics, UFOs and myself as a rocket man." The Panic frontman invited a team of experts – artists, dancers and dozens of stars, from Bryan Adams and Otto Waalkes to Jan Delay and Clueso and many more – to take part in the greatest rock show in the world. UDO LINDENBERG now returns, and his fans will have 18 more chances to enjoy these stage events as never before. "On the one hand, it has always been an intoxicating feeling for me to look from the top of the stadium and see the many thousands of fans standing and sitting there waiting for my show,” says Udo, “But on the other hand, I know that many were sorry because they could not come to the stadiums or large halls. That is why I decided to bring my show back to them in 2017. "
8:00 PM

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