Tue 18.06.2019


Live 2019

During the last few years, more than one million visitors enthusiastically followed the spectacular shows by UDO LINDENBERG. “Die fetteste Rockrevue der Welt” (“The fattest Rock review of the world”), was the euphoric reaction by the critics.

And now it is confirmed: UDO LINDENBERG is coming back on tour in 2019! With a completely new programme, a host of musical panic partners in crime, and plenty of visual surprises. In the panic centre, the ideas machine is currently bubbling, all devices are working at full steam. He is a painter, writer, filmmaker, composer, singer and inventor of the »Deutschrock« in one person, an interdisciplinary artist, unparalleled by anyone else in Germany. As noted by the magazine “Rolling Stone”: “Since his Mega comeback, he is successful at everything”. Perhaps most clearly – in any event, authentic like nowhere else – UDO LINDENBERG is proving this when he is on stage and starts to rock without any panic. In July 2019, the time has come again when the panic rocker is visiting Munich Olympic Hall.
08:00 PM

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