Sat 29.02.2020


CIAO ! Tour 2020

In the wake of “Amore”, “Bussi” and “Niente”, Austrian indie rockers, Wanda announce the release of their 4th album: “Ciao!” followed by a tour.

Since they started out in Vienna, Wanda have single-handedly transformed the German indie music environment. The title of their new album, “Ciao!” shouldn’t be misinterpreted: it’s no goodbye for Wanda! It’s rather a “hello” – inviting their fans to join them as they move on to the next level. Replete with catchy anthems, the album alternates with quiet and exuberant moments. With its sheer variety of fat and dense sounds, it represents a huge step forward for the Viennese outfit as never before. The power of their live performances is known to audiences throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Whether they’re playing in the smallest club, a big hall or an open-air concert in front of 100,000 fans like they did last year in their hometown, their performances are always epic. With his passionate delivery, singer Marco “Wanda” Fitzthum and his band drive their fans to new heights of ecstatic passion. Performed live, Wanda’s songs take on a new dimension as their energy is directed towards audiences with ease and determination, highlighting their seamless energy and playfulness at every concert. The release of their first single 'Ciao Baby' from the album on 07.06.19 signals the opening of pre-orders for the new Album.
8:00 PM

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