Tue 05.12.2017


Live 2017

The Electro pioneers Dieter Meier and Boris Blank have decided to go on tour in 2017 and delight their fans also in the Olympic Hall.

“Out of Cyberspace – into live experience” explains Dieter Meier: “It is our task to play the impact “Live im Hier und Jetzt” (Live here and now) in front of the audience and learn what is technically possible today, for the production of the sound pictures by Boris Blank and the visual worlds of Dieter Meier. Together with outstanding musicians and singers, with their live show YELLO present a musical journey through four decades of the band’s history, including songs from their new album TOY, as well as hits such as “The Race”, “Do it”, and “Oh Yeah”. With their soundscapes, YELLO have had a decisive influence on electro music. The YELLO videos, which are integrated into the show as stage sets, are collected all over the world by museums, including the Museum Of Modern Art in New York.
08:00 PM

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