1972: The whole of Munich was the Olympic Games. Both the inhabitants of the city and the world experienced a memorable event steeped in history, which consisted of wonderful moments as well as, unfortunately, the terror of a horrific massacre.

2022: To mark the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games, all this will be commemorated with a programme where you can experience a wide range of different events, exhibitions and offers covering the topics of sport, culture, design, architecture, the culture of remembrance and cooperation in a democracy – in public and digitally.

2072: The anniversary programme of course focuses on both the past and present, but in many places, it will also be possible to see and experience what the future may look like. 

As has been the case so often since 1972, the Olympic Park will be the hub of many events and will once again provide a meeting place for the people of Munich and those from all over the world.

Anniversary Highlights in the Olympic Park

One exhibition, two locations

The Olympic Park is a visionary, comprehensive work of art that is taking people’s hearts by storm. With its functionality and offers, it is a major player in Munich’s events, leisure and tourism sectors. One exhibition, three locations: For the anniversary, we present a decentralised exhibition in which the individual parts are integrated into the canon of existing locations. The themes are history, present and future. On February 17, the first part of the exhibition opens on the Olympic Tower under the motto "Aufzug in die Zukunft" (Into the future in a lift) which deals with the future of events, and from February 26, the history of the stadium will be told on 22 pillars in the Olympic Stadium. The third part is the Anniversary Pavilion (April to November), which will be built in the Olympiasee lake in the style of 1972. The theme here from Easter until autumn will be looking back at the 1972 Games and looking at the future of sport. It will also serve as a central port of call and provide space for meeting up and having discussions.

Events in the Olympic Tower and Munich’ foresight  

The view from Munich’s highest building is unique and a highlight when visiting the park. But the Olympic Tower is capable of much more! From mid February, the enclosed platform at a height of 186 metres will be the venue of a varied and diverse event programme that includes a wide range of formats: from DJ sessions to creative workshops and yoga sessions. Rounds of talks at the highest level, not just literally speaking, will also fill the calendar. Our Managing Director, Marion Schöne, will invite you to discussion rounds under the motto ‘Münchner Weitblick’ (Munich’s foresight). Guests and experts from various disciplines will discuss current political and social topics, such as events of the future or the empowerment of women.

A piece of the 1972 Olympics in your own home

Waldi – the comeback for the 50th Anniversary

His successors were called Amik, Mischa and Eagle Sam, but Waldi was the first – the first official mascot of the Summer Olympic Games in modern times. The colourful dachshund was designed by graphic artist Elena Winschermann, who was a member of Olympic Games designer Otl Aicher’s office. According to the story, the then NOK head Willi Daume had the idea of using a dachshund as a mascot because this breed of dog was supposed to be agile and resilient. It was also seen as a typical pet owned by Munich’s citizens. To mark the 50th anniversary, we will be selling Waldi in a limited, licenced edition in the souvenir shop in the Olympic Tower and in the Olympic Park web shop over the summer in 2022.

Full of dynamism, light and cheerful – the Olympic posters

They should look cheerful. Light. Easygoing. The colours Otl Aicher and his team of designers created for the Summer Olympic Games in Munich. Light pastel tones as a contrast to the martial bombast design of Hitler’s Nazi Olympics in Berlin in 1936. In a factory building in Garching-Hochbrück, Aicher’s team of graphic designers worked on the visual corporate identity of the 1972 Games. And it was precisely this image that the OC decided should be used as the basis for the series of sports posters to promote each of the 21 Olympic summer sports. Ten of the 21 motifs will be available in limited in the souvenir shop in the Olympic Tower and in the Olympic Park web shop.


You can also find out about everything on offer during the anniversary year throughout Munich at muenchen1972-2022.de.


The overall coordination of the anniversary programme lies with the Kulturreferat of the State Capital of Munich. As a municipal subsidiary, Olympiapark München GmbH is the most important partner. Numerous other institutions and organisations contribute to the programme.