The Olympic Tower is 40

20.02.2008 - Olympiapark München GmbH

At 291.29 metres, it really does tower above everything! Munich’s most striking landmark is three times taller than the towers of the Frauenkirche, rising up majestically over the city's skyline. Since it was first opened, the 52,500-tonne giant has weathered all the wind and storms, providing some 36.8 million visitors from Munich and all over the world with a breathtaking view over the city and its surroundings. We’re talking of course about the Olympic Tower, which will be celebrating its 40th birthday on Friday, 22nd February 2008.
Two lifts, travelling at a speed of 7 metres per second, rapidly transport visitors up to 7th heaven. The view over Munich, its surroundings and – when the weather’s good – the Alps from Salzkammergut to the Allgäu, is as unique as the Olympic Tower itself. Up here on one of the tallest towers in Europe, visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the capital.
Seen from the tower’s viewing platforms, situated 190 metres up, the silver tent-like silhouette of the Olympic park serves as a shining example of unusual architecture.

In 181, the restaurant and bar located 181 metres up, visitors can enjoy all manner of dishes and experience an unusual “tour of the city” thanks to the restaurant’s 360-degree revolution which takes 53 minutes.
On 5th April 2005, the Olympic Tower grew by another 1.75 metres. A Russian special helicopter flying under the Swiss ensign had lifted off the old tip and positioned the new antenna, which has since provided six million viewers in Munich and southern Bavaria with digital TV, piece by piece - and all in the space of just one day.
The Olympic Tower is also home to the highest rock museum in the world. It features signed guitars, clothes, rare tickets and much, much more…
The 400-square-metre museum houses rare and curious exhibits from Europe's only collection by Munich financier Herbert Hauke. Together with the journalist Frank Amo Eser, he was looking for a suitable location for his rock museum - and he found it in the Olympic Tower. Rock fans have a wealth of exhibits to marvel at: guitars signed by Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Kiss, Sting, Queen, and many  more. Golden records, items of clothing belonging to famous musicians, rare records, concert tickets, unpublished photos and original letters from famous stars are there too - and of course a sea of autographs.
Technical data for the Olympic Tower
Total weight:                   52,500 t
Diameter:                       16.5 m - 4.5 m
Purpose:            TV tower, restaurant, viewing platform, rock museum Revolving restaurant:                     Situated 181 m up, diameter 28.3 m, 230 seats, one revolution in 53 minutes
Date of construction:                            1965 - 1968
Height:                                     With antenna: 291.28 m
Viewing platforms:          171 - 192 m
Visitor numbers:          
Since opening in 1968        36.8 million visitors
Since 12 September 1972:     32 million visitors
(As of 31.12.2007)

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