Massive MASH cinema with 67000 visitors

28.06.2015 - Olympiapark München GmbH

The second MUNICH MASH draws to a very successful close on Sunday! Three days of action sports of the highest standard and an entertaining MASH FEST, coupled with fantastic weather, attracted 67,000 visitors to the Olympiapark. “Admittedly, we were very lucky with the weather! The forecast for Saturday wasn’t very promising at all, to be begin with. But then the rain and storm clouds stayed well clear of our main event the Swatch Prime Line and we enjoyed the fortune of the brave,” says Arno Hartung, Managing Director of Olympiapark München GmbH. Friday and Sunday were days with fantastic weather anyway. “We were absolutely delighted by the immense crowds on the Sunday at MASH FEST. Overall, we were able to very happily confirm that our concept was working really well. 67,000 visitors send a clear message and represent a considerable increase on our première a year ago,” continues Hartung. “So we of course need to carry on this success next year - the motto was “Next Level Action Sport”, and this is the motto that will keep applying for the future! The ideas-gathering process for MUNICH MASH 2016 will get underway tomorrow and the entire team will be putting every effort into offering the Munich audience another spectacular event,” added OK boss Frank Seipp. The highly popular sporting competitions such as the SWATCH PRIME LINE, BMW Street Rink and SKATEBOARD STREET RINK, as well as a greatly enhanced MASH FEST, were exceptionally popular with Munich's residents, although there were lots of “rival” events going on that weekend in the city already.