EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2022 to welcome nine different sports

18.06.2020 - Olympiapark München GmbH

More diverse, more exciting, more fun! The multi sports European Championships 2022 will welcome athletes from nine different sports to the city of Munich as they battle it out for medals between 11 and 21 August. Joining athletics, gymnastics, rowing, cycling and triathlon on the schedule will be sport climbing, canoe sprint, table tennis and beach volleyball. The Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community Horst Seehofer says: "Munich provides world-class conditions for elite international sport, which will be demonstrated in 2022 when this city plays host to the European Championships. This is a huge opportunity for sport in general and a tremendous event for the public. I am extremely pleased about this decision as the Federal Minister, but also as a sports enthusiast. Therefore, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone coming to Munich for this event." Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian State Minster of the Interior, for Sport and Integration: “This is going to be a big deal and an amazing sports festival. I am particularly looking forward to seeing the Olympic sports venues filled with new life. I believe in the concept of sustainability, the sporting standards and the range of sports represented in this event. Who else has nine European Championships in such diverse disciplines at one location? I am certain that these championships will set a precedent and serve as a model for future competitions throughout Europe.” In late April, Munich city council gave the green light for the European Championships to be expanded to nine sports – instead of the original seven – while maintaining the same budget. Dieter Reiter, Lord Mayor of the City of Munich: “I am delighted that we have been able to add even more sports than initially planned for the European Championships 2022: beach volleyball, sport climbing, table tennis and canoe sprint athletes will now also be competing for European Championship titles. Exactly 50 years after the 1972 Olympics, a top-class, vibrant and diverse sporting spectacle will once again take place in Munich. I am already looking forward to exciting, fair competitions in nine sports.” “We are happy and proud to host the European Championships in a wide range of Olympic sports during what is set to be a very special anniversary year. This diverse festival of sport will thrill both visitors from throughout Europe as well as the local population here in Munich – that is our aspiration and the goal we are working hard to achieve,” explains Marion Schöne, CEO of the Olympic Park Munich. Exactly fifty years after welcoming the Summer Olympic Games, the Olympic Park Munich is set to celebrate another major sporting event. The European Championships will be the largest event to take place in the Olympic Park since the 1972 Summer Olympics. 4,400 athletes from across Europe will descend on the city to compete in 158 medal events across nine sports. Despite the size of the event, the European Championships 2022 will focus on environmental sustainability. No new infrastructure will be built for the Championships in order to minimise the impact on the city and the region. The proximity of the venues to each other and the excellent public transport links between the Olympic Park, the city centre and the surrounding area will contribute to creating a green European Championships in 2022. For more information visit