European Championships Munich 2022 announce mascot and Premium Partner BMW

29.03.2022 - Olympiapark München GmbH

The first eager top-class performers have already found their way to Olympiapark ahead of the European Championships Munich 2022. We are delighted to announce our official mascot “Gfreidi,” a true Munich squirrel with a traditional Bavarian hat and shorts. With multifaceted characteristics, this unique Bavarian ideally embodies the wide-ranging multi-sport event and already benefits from BMW as a new premium partner on its debut.

Almost four months before European Championships Munich 2022 from 11-21 August, the first winner has already been decided with Stephanie P. inspiring the expert jury with her squirrel drawing in our popular mascot competition. Last spring, kids aged from 3-13 were given free rein to their creativity, scribbling and drawing what they considered to be the ideal mascot in a special competition.

Following more than 600 imaginative entries, the seven-strong jury of Maral Bazargani (logo! Reporter), Christina Hering (Class of 22 athlete), Lotta (logo! kids reporter), Prof. Ben Santo (Dean of the Faculty of Design, Munich University of Applied Sciences), Marion Schöne (Organiser & Managing Director Olympiapark München GmbH), Elena Schwaiger (designer of “Waldi”, 1972 Olympic Games mascot) and Florian Weber (Creative Director & Head of Event Presentation European Championships Munich 2022) were left totally spoilt for choice. Ultimately, after three elimination rounds, the decision proved unanimous in favour of the squirrel complete with traditional hat and shorts, making the eight-year-old from Nuremberg the happy winner.

From a sketch into Olympiapark

The warm rays of sunshine roused the red native squirrel from resting over the cold days on Tuesday. Lively and sporty, it took the time to explore its Olympiapark home and showed artistically why it represents nine sports and is the ideal face of European Championships Munich 2022. Time flies at its Olympiapark playground, but the traditional hat is still missing. With the right partner by its side, the trip to the city centre becomes a leisurely excursion, during which the mascot even meets its designer Stephanie. In full regalia, it arrives at a press conference in the Olympiahalle for its presentation: Allow us to introduce, Gfreidi!

Name and message in one

"Gfrei Di!" (pronounced “fry-dee”) is Bavarian dialect, meaning nothing other than "Be Happy!" - and you have every reason to be. Together we will celebrate the biggest multi-sport event since the 1972 Olympic Games. Look forward to a unique event experience in Olympiapark and the whole of Munich! Look forward to emotions and stories that can only be found in sport! Look forward to Bavarian friendliness and our colourful festival "The Roofs!" Look forward to Gfreidi, who awaits you with open arms and a smile! Gfreidi joins Marcel Nguyen (gymnastics), Dimitrij Ovtcharov (table tennis), Malaika Mihambo (athletics) and Thomas Röhler (athletics) in the illustrious ranks of our brand ambassadors. Our mascot will greet athletes and visitors with a smile, bringing everyone closer to its hometown and a piece of Bavarian cultural life from 11-21 August. Even a tiny detail on its hat shows how tradition and a sense of belonging to one's homeland can relate to this multisport event European Championships.

“The mascot competition proved a total success. The jury chose the squirrel with a “Bavarian touch” because it is a popular animal common all over Europe. In addition, it is lively, fast, cunning and can climb, so it fits in wonderfully with our colourful sports programme. Little Stephanie did a great job drawing it,” said a delighted Marion Schöne, organiser and managing director of Olympiapark München, about the official mascot and added: "It’s a brilliant name too. Gfreidi symbolises our Bavarian authenticity and exactly conveys the anticipation we want to stimulate in the run-up."

BMW Group Premium Partner of European Championships Munich 2022

BMW Group is looking forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of its company's headquarters, which was completed in 1972, by supporting this major sporting event in its immediate vicinity as a Premium Partner. During European Championships Munich 2022, BMW Group will provide, among other things, an extensive shuttle fleet, consisting of 100 percent electrified vehicles from the BMW and MINI brands. BMW motorcycles will also be represented. In addition, the BMW Group will be contributing its expertise in a variety of ways to achieve the goals and success of European Championships Munich 2022.

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