Sat 07.03.2020

Andrea Berg

MOSAIK-Live Arena Tour

One concert, a spectacular stage-show producing a whole lot of goose bumps. The MOSAIK Live Arena Tour looks set to be the show of the year!

When Andrea Berg’s album, MOSAIK, came out in spring 2019, it took the charts by storm and turned gold not even a month later. The MOSAIK Gold Edition (available from 1/11) confirms the unique success story of this exceptional artist. With her brand-new songs and unprecedented hits, Andrea Berg is all set for the MOSAIK Live Arena Tour! Inspiring her numerous fans with her unique stage shows, the German mega-star unites generations. Her concerts feel like family celebrations: “gummy bears for the soul”! The German daily newspaper, “Die Welt", had this to say about her: "Andrea Berg is a true superstar, designated as such by her audiences, capably managing to maintain the delicate balance between a rousing live performance and a moving emotional experience”. As Andrea herself puts is: "I’m really happy when I can distract people away from their daily worries. Even just for three hours, they can let go and surrender to the moment as we celebrate life together. And when I meet them after the concert, I see the joy in their eyes and it’s wonderful. That's what really motivates me to do what I do!" Andrea Berg expanded her family show in 2018, backed by the Leutgeb Entertainment Group from Graz, DJ BoBo and the rest of her great team. As she described it, "we managed to put a spectacular new show together, thanks to these passionately crazy people".
8:00 PM

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