Sun 17.02.2019

Chinesischer Nationalcircus


In this Jubilee Show titled "THE GREAT WALL", the legendary Chinese National Circus in Europe celebrates its 30th anniversary.

During this mega show, 30 award-winning artists including a Chinese acrobatics team are set to showcase their skills in synchronised movement, dance, drama, music as well as a touch of humour. The firework display portrays ancient Chinese tales against the background of the world’s largest manmade edifice: the legendary Great Wall of China. Styled as the Middle Kingdom, the traditional stage set features performers in colourful folkloric costumes, rounding off this imaginary journey into another time & place. Based around the Great Wall of China, not far from the capital, Beijing one might wonder if it was a protective wall or if it also symbolizes some kind of cultural blockade. What was the real purpose of this peculiar construction? Although the choreography is contemporary, the emphasis of the show is on tradition. In contrast with the Circus’s previous shows such as Shanghai Nights, Hong Kong Hotel or Chinatown, this time viewers are in for a more classical/historical experience of China.
06:00 PM

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