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Olympic Hall

The countdown is on: From 11 January, the Olympiahalle will become a stronghold of European handball - at the EHF EURO 2024, where fans can look forward to two matches a day and a total of twelve matches between top European teams over the six days until 16 January: Group F includes Portugal, Greece and the Czech Republic as well as the reigning three-time world champions Denmark. Group C includes the eternal secret favourites Iceland as well as Serbia, Hungary and Montenegro.

We are really looking forward to Euro 2024 for many reasons: Firstly, because we know after the extremely successful 2019 World Cup that Munich and we can do handball. I have fond memories of the exciting and atmospheric matches in the sold-out Olympic Hall. And just like back then, we have strong partners like the Bavarian Handball Association and the state capital at our side. Together with them, we will ensure that the European handball tournament in the Olympic Park will be an unforgettable experience for the teams, their fans and the people of Munich," says Olympic Park boss Marion Schöne. In 2019, the World Handball Championships in the Olympic Hall attracted over 136,000 visitors over five match days with a preliminary round group without the German team. Several sold-out matches set an exclamation mark for Munich. And that's how it should be again in 2024.

Thrilling matches and plenty of entertainment

The European Handball Championships in the state capital will be a great start to the 2024 sports year. Fans can expect not only thrilling matches and dramatic moments during the 60 minutes on the pitch, but also a colourful, interactive supporting programme in the Olympic Hall: Visitors will be able to test their personal handball skills at the Bavarian Handball Association's activity stands at the EURO Slalom and the Multi Ball Wall. There will also be autograph sessions and competitions. Lidl will also be coming to the hall with a photobooth and throwing speed module. Last but not least, fan TV will provide entertaining entertainment during the one-hour break between the two daily matches.

The little ones make it big - Mini EM

Saturday, 13 January, is a big day for four young handball teams as they determine the winner of the Mini European Championship in the Olympic Hall. As in 2019 for the World Cup, the Bavarian Handball Association organised a Mini European Championship to mark the 2024 European Championship. Around 800 children from 24 girls' and 24 boys' teams from all over Bavaria took part at the end of September. Each team was allocated a participating country and the teams were kitted out in the corresponding jerseys. The game was played according to the European Championship format with preliminary round, main round and semi-finals (on the Saturday before the Day of Handball). The grand final will once again take place in the Olympic Hall on the Saturday of the European Championships. In the girls' final, Georgia will play the Czech Republic (Ebersberg Forst United vs. JSG Fürther Land) at 11.30 am and Hungary will play the Czech Republic (TSV Ottobeuren vs. JSG Fürther Land) in the boys' final at 1 pm. As well as enjoying the game and the team spirit, many of the teams were delighted to make contact with the respective national associations, who supported the tournament with jersey gifts or video messages.

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Olympic Hall


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The match schedule in the Olympic Hall at a glance:

11 January, Group F:

18:00 pm: Portugal - Greece

20:30 pm: Denmark - Czech Republic

12 January, Group C:

18:00 pm: Iceland - Serbia

20:30 pm:Hungary - Montenegro

13 January, Group F:

18:00 pm: Czech Republic - Portugal

20:30 pm: Greece - Denmark

14 January, Group C:

18:00 pm: Montenegro - Iceland

20:30 pm: Serbia - Hungary

15 January, Group F:

18:00 pm: Czech Republic - Greece

20:30 pm: Denmark - Portugal

16 January, Group C:

18:00 pm: Serbia - Montenegro

20:30 pm: Iceland - Hungary

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