Sun 26.05.2019

Elton John

“Farewell Yellow Brick Road”

As part of his epic three-year farewell tour “Farewell Yellow Brick Road”, Elton John will also give a concert in Munich Olympic Hall!

After more than half a century in the touring business and an unparalleled career, the superstar has today announced the details of his final tour “Farewell Yellow Brick Road”. The concerts in this tour will be the very last concerts of the superstar and therefore the end of a journey spanning more than half a century for one of the most long-standing pop artists of our time. Elton John’s new stage production will take fans on a musical and, in particular, visually impressive journey, which is reviving the 50-year career of the artist with all of his unforgettable songs. „Performing live invigorates me tremendously and I am very grateful to be able to make an appearance before such a great audience once again all around the world”, says Elton John. „I would like to present to my fans the creativity and passion which has always driven me, one last time at my farewell tour. And when this tour has come to an end, I am looking forward to close this chapter of my life and say goodbye to life on the road.”
07:00 PM

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