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MASH reloaded! International action sports and lifestyle in a unique setting with a new look – that is MASH. In 2018 Germany’s biggest action sports festival launches into its fifth year. Visitors can look forward to top-level contests on innovative set-ups as the world’s best skateboard, wakeboard and BMX athletes go head to head.

The MASH contests RED BULL ROLLER COASTER Skateboarding is to MASH what beer and sausages are to Bavaria –  you can’t imagine one without the other. This year the board-based action at the Olympic Park will be served fresh and sizzling thanks to a brand new format known as Red Bull Roller Coaster. “Red Bull Roller Coaster is an exciting combination of Street and Bowl, with a few elements of Megaramp thrown in. Like with a real rollercoaster, we start at the highest point and zoom down towards the finish with speed and style,” comments Oli Bürgin, a 30-year veteran of the skate scene and sporting director of the MASH skateboard contest. The terrain in the Olympic Park is perfect for the almost 400-metre-long course, which will offer spectators the ideal vantage point to follow the action among the international skateboard elite in Munich. With its wide range of obstacles, this slopestyle-inspired Roller Coasterride is set to crown the number one all-round skater from a top-secret field of riders including some of the world’s best. WAKEBOARD PARK “MASH is for me the biggest contest of the year with a perfect set-up. The great atmosphere by the Olympic Lake and the huge crowds of spectators cheering us on make this competition so unique,” says Felix Georgii. The local hero from the Allgäu region of Germany last year secured top spot in the Best Trick Competition with a spectacular Mute Cab 540 One Foot. Winner of the 2017 WAKEBOARD contests, American newcomer Guenther Oka, was also thrilled to compete in Munich and relieved to come out on top in a tight contest. “Even during the knock-out round people were throwing down the sickest tricks – and things got even more crazy in the superfinal. At the same time, MASH wouldn’t be MASH if it didn’t keep evolving and improving. We don’t want to give away too much, but in 2018 visitors can look forward to a new set-up guaranteeing sick airtime, gravity-defying kicker tricks and stylish rail hits. Get ready for wakeboard action, lots of fun and an unprecedented level of riding from the world’s best wakeboard riders at the Olympic Lake. BMX PARK Things are about to get sick! After last year’s BMX Spine Ramp, MASH is set to once again bring the best BMX riders to Munich for a unique contest held this time on the waters of the Olympic Lake. This unique location offers many advantages, including the fact that spectators lining the lake will enjoy a perfect view of the action wherever they are. Packed with jump boxes, quarter pipes, spines and a wall ride, the 700m² course offers many transfer possibilities and will challenge riders to showcase their creativity as they dig deep in their big bag of tricks in a quest for victory. Twelve top stars from the freestyle BMX scene, among them five times X Games gold medal winner Daniel Dhers and the young and successful driver Paul Thölen, will be invited to do battle in this unique location and thrill the fans lining the grassy shore of the Olympic Lake. And most important: all contests and the side events of MASH 2018 are free of Charge! all informations
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