Fr 11.03.2022

Rainhard Fendrich


Unfortunately, the ongoing situation, caused by COVID-19, makes it impossible for all parties involved to carry out the "STARKREGEN" concerts of Rainhard Fendrich planned for April 2021. For this reason, the already rescheduled concerts will be moved again to spring 2022. New date in Munich March 11, 2022. Tickets already purchased remain valid.

Rainhard Fendrich is back! With his new single "Burn Out", the Austrian music legend has already given provided a foretaste of his new album "Starkregen", due for release on 20th September. In the 80’s–90’s, Fendrich reached the top of the European charts with "Macho, Macho", and hits like "Es lebe der Sport", "Weus'd a Herz hast wia a Bergwerk", or his unofficial Austrian national anthem, "I’m from Austria". At times humorous, often ironic and melancholy, Fendrich can be contemplative, yet he is always genuine, passionate – and unquestionably full of attitude. On "Starkregen", his new album, Rainhard Fendrich continues what he began on his 2016 album, "SCHWARZODERWEISS": a profound and intense musical reflection of current events. The range of themes dealt with on "Starkregen" reflect Fendrich's astute powers of observation, characterizing the "common illnesses" of our time and their social expressions at times ironically. Besides his criticisms of our era, Fendrich's album with his emotional ballads is highly convincing. When he goes on tour, “Nur die Liebe" or his retrospective "Mein Leben" is sure to ignite a sea of lights on the part of the audiences. In February, Fendrich is set to turn 65, making it 40 years since he first debuted onto the stage. With his brand-new album out, he is set to play at the Olympia Park in May, celebrating new and old hits with his countless fans. Local organizer: PGM Promoters Group Munich Konzertagentur GmbH

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