Wed 12.02.2020

Tenacious D


With their incredible guitar solos, breath-taking falsetto vocals and some of the best songs ever, American comedy rock duo, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, (aka “Tenacious D – the Gods of Rock”), are set to appear at Munich’s Olympic Hall.

After the duo started jamming together in Kyle's apartment in the early 90’s, their rise to fame didn’t take long. While performing their cult song, "Tribute" at their first gig in Al's Bar in Los Angeles, they caught the attention of director David Cross which led to a 3-part TV series on HBO: Tenacious D: The Greatest Band on Earth which appeared on HBO. This marked the start of the extraordinary duo’s success story. Their debut album "Tenacious D" was released in 2001, gaining gold and platinum awards. In 2006, the pair starred in their own movie, “The Pick of Destiny”. Their "Tribute", "Wonderboy" and the romantic "Fuck Her Gently" music videos were considered modern art masterpieces. Whether they perform at Rock am Ring, Glastonbury or Coachella, Tenacious D always guaranty the greatest rock show and in 2014 they took home a Grammy Award in the "Best Metal Performance" category. These two pre-eminent rock bellies are set to set foot again on German soil, stunning audiences with their epic shows. The US-American country rockers, Wynchester, will be there to support them.
08:00 PM

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