Sat 02.06. - Tue 03.07.2018


„weeIsland“ Fun Weeks

The wee Island is bringing leisure fund pure into the city! Relax in this exceptional ambience and spend a lovely time with your family and friends.

A 10 metre high sand hill with a diameter of 25 metres is the uncontested star of all event activities on the “weeIsland” extending 10,000 square metres. From 2 June to 3 July, gold nuggets from the Munich Goldhaus pro aurum KG and weeCards charged with credits worth 5,000 Euro are buried here. You can dig for gold every day in the Klondike – named after the legendary discoveries of gold at the river of the same name at the end of the 19th century. Each gold digger has 30 minutes to locate one of the buried treasure chests with a metal detector, stake out his claim and then dig with a shovel and muscle strength. A maximum of 25 persons are permitted to dig at the same time. Admission fee: 10.00 Euro, whereby the total of the takings will be donated to a charitable project of the City of Munich at the end of the campaign.

Further attractions around the Klondike on “weelsland”: ·  500 square metres of beach atmosphere with a chill area under palm trees for up to 500 persons including public viewing of the matches of the German National Team during the World Cup. · A Kinderland supervised by qualified personnel with bouncy castles, climbing park, trampoline and children’s make-up at an area of 250 square metres. · Seven hours of wee SUMMER DANCE on 22 June with top acts Mike Candys, Discoboys, Stereoact, DJ Tommy, Mad Holt, Scotty und Mundwerk Crew. The daily programme and current news are available at:
2:00 PM

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