Reopening of the Olympic Swimming Pool

10.03.2006 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Light is returning to the Olympic Swimming Pool! In addition to all the sophisticated technology involved in the refurbishment, the new roof is also going to allow more daylight to flood into the Olympic Swimming Pool. From 7:00 a.m. on Monday, people in Munich will once again be able to use all the pools, including the big 50 m competition pool and the diving pool with the ten metre tower. The suspended roof of the Olympic Swimming Pool has been totally refurbished for the first time after 33 years. The refurbishment started in late summer last year, with the swimming pool remaining open. Bathers could swim under a false ceiling. Bathing only had to be stopped entirely during the last four weeks. The other facilities of the Olympic Swimming Pool such as the Olympic Sauna Paradise, the solarium, the leisure sports suite and the physio-fit centre remained open throughout, however. Regular opening of the entire Olympic Swimming Pool will resume from March 13 onwards under a new “firmament”. Bathing times from Monday, March 13: Mon, Wed, Fri - Sun 07:00 - 23:00 hours Tue + Thu 07:00 - 17:15 hours and 20:30 - 23:00 hours Last admission: 22:00 hours Cost for adults: 3.50 Euro (no time limit, including leisure sport!) Major sports and fitness event to mark the reopening Visitors can look forward to a superb aquatic event when the Olympic Swimming Pool reopens in its new guise. The “arena swim and splash ’06” will be held on March 18 and 19. The traditional 24-hour swim is incorporated in this event. Entry to the pool and the spectacle costs 3.50 Euro. The details of the programme for the two-day event can be viewed at >