The second Munich Midsummer Nights Dream on 29 July 2006 in the Olympic Park

18.05.2006 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Full of African temperament Once again, a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” would come true right here in the Munich Olympic Park and on the Olympic Hill. Only last year, about 50,000 visitors experienced the first audio-visual mega-event of its kind on the same site. The “Munich Midsummer Night’s Dream 2005” proved the point: The magic of an opulent fire theatre combined with musical highlights and insights into foreign cultures fascinated everyone, both young and old, in the audience. Olympiapark München GmbH and Deutsche Arena GmbH & Co. KG now intend to follow on from last year’s success by holding a second “Munich Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Under the slogan of “African Night”, the site is once again being converted into a world of music, dance and illumination. Numerous African musicians and dancers will provide a programme that is just as varied as it is coherent this year. The spectacular fireworks display will once again be designed by Rainer Ellenberger, the pyrotechnics expert who combines experience and imagination in equal measure. The midsummer date selected for this year’s event, July 29, 2006, should guarantee good, dry weather for the mega-event. Visitors can look forward to music and dance from the dark continent on four stages distributed throughout the entire park as well as on the main stage right on the Olympic Lake. From the start of the event through to the late evening, the artists will guarantee a programme of expressive choreography to foot-tapping rhythms – and the tempo is set to rise with each hour that passes. Along the “gastro mile”, visitors will be offered the exotic flavours of Africa – without having to wait in long queues thanks to a new service concept. As the visual highlight, Rainer Ellenberger is offering a magnificent 40-minute fireworks display at about 10:20 p.m. featuring flickering illuminations on the ground, on the water and in the air. A wall of water will be created directly on the Olympic Lake especially for this year. A laser will project images such as leaping dolphins onto the cool, wet “screen” amongst other wonderful lighting effects. Large video screens have also been set up to make sure no-one will miss any of the visual events. A generous VIP area with an exclusive view of the fireworks spectacle has been set up on the Olympic Hill. The prospects for the second “Munich Midsummer Night’s Dream” are truly excellent.