Sea Life welcomes its millionth visitor

07.12.2007 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Sea Life in Munich had something to celebrate just in time for St. Nicholas' Day. Since it was opened in April 2006, the centre had welcomed a million visitors up to the 6th of December 2007, exceeding all expectations of the Olympic park venue.
Sea Life Munich was opened in April 2006. Now, just over a year and a half later, the millionth visitor came through its doors. “It’s fantastic to see how enthusiastically the region has taken Sea Life Munich to heart,” said Heiko Engels, Senior Operations Manager at Sea Life Munich, delightedly. “We had many more visitors than anticipated even in the first few months, which again goes to show that our concept of providing both leisure entertainment, learning and environmental awareness has really hit the spot with our visitors - both old and young.”
Young couple Andrea Michel and Andy Enderling, who had just moved to Munich with their adorable twins Lukas and Sophie, were astonished to learn they were Sea Life's millionth visitors. To celebrate the occasion, Heiko Engels – joined by Sea Life’s mascot Sharky – presented them with annual tickets, flowers and cuddly toys. The family was delighted by the subsequent tour of the aquarium, and were particularly impressed by how close they could get to the fish and the carefully-planned layout of each individual room. The eighteen-month-old twins were particularly wide-eyed when they saw the skate, which came up to the window of their tank to stare – with equal curiosity – at the visitors.
Since it was opened in 2006, some 1,000 million litres of water have been exchanged for the aquarium’s 10,000 inhabitants, which is equivalent to around 5 million brimful bathtubs. Some 100 tons of salt were used to prepare the water, and around 12,000 kilo of food have been fed to the centre's fishy residents. Visitor helpers have given 72,100 talks to entertain and inform guests, and have performed 1,500 public feeds.
This year, the centre’s seahorse exhibition and 2007 breeding programme attracted not only visitors, but experts too. Nemo, the popular clownfish from film and TV, was also a celebrity visitor to Sea Life Munich. There are a number of spectacular new attractions lined up in 2008, which fish fans of all ages can look forward to. Sea Life Munich is open to visitors daily from 10 a.m.

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