Ben Hur Live in Olympic Hall Arena

18.03.2009 - Olympiapark München GmbH

A legend is taking the Olympic Hall, Munich, by storm. Strong emotions, the legendary chariot race, gladiatorial combat and a unique soundtrack by Stewart Copeland (of “The Police”) Munich, 18 March 2009. The horses’ harnesses are jingling, the suits of armour are sparkling, the dust swirls in clouds and the crowd roars. Lew Wallace’s classic “Ben Hur”, which won five Oscars as a film , is back – as a live spectacle featuring approximately 400 performers, 100 animals and a vast array of special effects. The music has been composed by Stewart Copeland – founder member of “The Police”, drummer and soundtrack specialist. Rock concert, Broadway musical, tragedy and Hollywood blockbuster all rolled into one – an unforgettable experience that will bring not just tears, but also sand to the eyes of the spectators! BEN HUR LIVE© – this is the story that unfolds 2000 years ago – the legend of Judah Ben Hur. Unjustly condemned, he only survives his punishment as a galley slave through his desire for revenge, which ultimately turns into love and forgiveness. The show relates the love story of Judah and the beautiful slave girl Esther, leads the audience to vast deserts, onto the high seas, and takes them into the hustle and bustle of an Arabian bazaar. A dazzling kaleidoscope of human life. The construction of this spectacle in the theatre-in-the-round at the Munich Olympic Hall enables the spectators to get unusually close to the dramatic events in the arena. The 2500 square metre arena portrays titanic sea battles with galleys; flaming arrows shooting from pirate boats, culminating in the spectacle of the legendary high-speed race between five chariots each drawn by four horses. Franz Abraham (ART CONCERTS) originally came up with the idea for his new show over 15 years ago and has now engaged the best people in their field for this performance, including: Stewart Copeland (Music): The founder member and drummer of “The Police” is also known as a composer of more than 60 sound tracks for films and TV series such as “9 ½ Weeks” and “Desperate Housewives”. Mark Fisher (Design): “The Wall” by Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones tours, “KÀ” for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas or the festivities for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing have become milestones in stage design.
Shaun McKenna (Script): His book for Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” has enjoyed enormous stage success in London’s West End. Philip Wm.McKinley (Director): A Broadway giant, dubbed the “Ziegfeld for our generation” whose “The Boy from Oz” has been nominated five times for a Tony Award. Patrick Woodroffe (Lighting): His lighting for concerts by the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Genesis, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, AC/DC and “Lord of the Dance” is as unique as that for “Roméo et Juliette” by the Viennese State Opera. Ann Hould-Ward (Costumes): Known not only for the famous Broadway staging of “Beauty and the Beast”, but also for American Ballet Theater which performs on the stages of the world wearing her unique costume designs. The story of Judah Ben Hur has been moving audiences for 130 years now, BEN HUR LIVE© will enter new dimensions of breath-taking theatre. At the end of the performance, however, the spectators will shake the sand from their clothes that has rained down on them as the chariots rush by. ART CONCERTS ART CONCERTS was founded in 1986 by Franz Abraham and is now one of the most innovative producers and promoters of large-scale musical events on an international scale. Tours, individual and open-air concerts are just as much part of the repertoire of ART CONCERTS as music festivals and restaurant theatres. Since 2000, ART CONCERTS has concentrated almost exclusively on their own artistically sophisticated productions and their international marketing. Press contact: ART CONCERTS/BEN HUR LIVE©: Brigitta Rehnke, M.A. 08178 – 868 – 171 E-Mail: