Opening of the New Small Olympic Hall

29.09.2011 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Park Void Filled First public event will be pop concert on October 29th The new Small Olympic Hall is barely noticeable in the landscape between the tented roofs of the main Olympic Hall and the Olympic Swimming Hall. From the outside, only a large staircase, two signs and a small elevator tower are visible, and additionally the new hall is situated under a lush green hillside. There is nevertheless still a large amount of natural light in the hall below the hill. After a two and a half year-long period of construction, this "gem of a building" set in the Olympic Park is now complete, and fills a key void in terms of the Olympic Park’s overall capacity. This is due to the fact that the new Small Olympic Hall can not only be used as an annex for the large Olympic Hall, but can also host performances on its own, with a capacity of up to 3,600 people standing, or 2,000 seated. In October, the introductory cycle of events at the venue will kick off with a bang: "In the coming weeks, we have several lucrative corporate events, as well as the first concert on October 29", said an excited Olympic Park Managing Director Ralph Huber about the solid number of confirmed bookings for the new hall. Apart from exclusive events, Brit Floyd will be the first musical act to perform in the new Small Olympic Hall. Tickets will also be available for sale to the general public. A few days later, there will be a horse performance in the Small Olympic Hall, where show horses will romp about in a 30x60 meter training area and then parade directly to the arena of Olympic Hall through the connecting tunnel. Thus, on the occasion of the Munich Indoors event to be held from November 4-6, the annex function will be used for the very first time. On November 21, Annett Louisan will play a concert, followed on December 4 by the Kelly Family, and after that the hall will again be used in connection with the main Olympic Hall, including the Aida Night of the Proms (VIP) and the ADAC Supercross. There are several bookings extending well into the New Year, as well as numerous additional inquiries. The Small Olympic Hall however will not only be used for concerts, entertainment and corporate events. Small-scale sporting events of course are also a possibility. Playing courts for basketball, handball, volleyball and tennis all fit comfortably within the hall, with the caveat that crowd capacity is reduced depending on the required set-up to 500-1000 persons. In any case, the new hall in Olympic Park fills a key void in Munich due to its capacity of up to 3,600 persons. Seen from the outside, it is perfectly adapted to the landscape, while the interior is equally impressive, wowing guests with both sophisticated contemporary architecture and high quality service. Thanks to the Small Olympic Hall, the Munich Olympic Park now has the ability to bring even more new events to the park and to further expand its range of visitors.