Speed the new show from Holiday on Ice

28.11.2012 - Olympiapark München GmbH

A Munich exclusive with guest star Fernanda Brandao. Fast, fiery and full of adrenaline – the new show from Holiday on Ice promises its audiences a thrilling experience. And it delivers, too: the show breaks completely new ground and isn't called Speed for nothing. Roaring motorcycles, flying acrobats and interactive games with the audience set the stage for this sensational new production visiting the Olympic Hall from 31 January to 10 February. And a very special highlight awaits audiences in Munich: guest star Fernanda Brandao! Speed captivates its audiences with revolutionary stunts both on the ice and in the air above it, breaking all figure skating's previous barriers. The show explodes onto the ice with a thrilling and fiery start, followed by daredevil feats and authentic circus scenes.  But you can still count on seeing classical elements of the show, such as the legendary Wheel of Death. The cutting-edge show will integrate daring ideas and the best of tradition. Speed epitomises fast and thrilling feats as well as classical entertainment on ice, just as we've come to expect for decades. Brazilian show star Fernanda Brandao will be putting in an exclusive appearance at the Munich shows. The presenter, actress and professional dancer will be showing off her talents exclusively at Olympic Hall. Brandao will make several appearances during the show, in roles designed just for her by the Holiday on Ice creative team. Guests at all of the Munich shows will get the chance to see the TV star display her talents as a dancer on a gigantic clock; she will also be moderating a spectacular motorbike dual on the ice. And there's no doubt she will be dressed accordingly – the Brazilian is famous for her colourful and daring outfits. Good news: Ticket prices for Speed have remained the same as for previous show and range from €19.90 to €49.90 including all fees, plus shipping costs where applicable. As always in Munich, ticket prices for the première will be available at a special price of €12.00 to €27.00, with one Euro per ticket being donated to UNICEF. Tickets for the Holiday on Ice guest shows between 31 January (première) and 10 February 2013 (no shows on Mondays or Tuesdays) are available from München Ticket at www.muenchenticket.de as well as at the usual booking offices.