More visitors to the Germany Cup 2013

10.11.2013 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Over 31,000 visitors to the Olympic Ice Stadium. Before the end of the last match between the USA and Germany, there was a very pleasing development in visitor numbers. All of the matches in the Germany Cup were very well-attended, with two of the three German matches being sold out. Visitor numbers for six matches totalled 31,250. "We are absolutely delighted by the excellent response from spectators of the Germany Cup 2013. We were able to welcome almost 1,000 visitors more this year than last, and the atmosphere was electric. The fully-renovated Olympic Ice Stadium provided the ideal venue for the Germany Cup. To finish, there's also a thrilling final between the title defenders Germany and the mighty Americans," says Olympic Park boss Ralph Huber. Uwe Harnos (President of the German Ice Hockey Federation) was also full of praise before the last match of the season: "Thanks to Olympiapark GmbH for their hospitality and excellent organisation. Thanks also to the countries that took part, for their fantastic sportsmanship. And thanks too to the spectators who, thanks to their dedicated attendances, made the atmosphere truly wonderful. It's been a fantastically successful event all round, and we're looking forward to next year."