Holiday on Ice has been appearing at the Olympic Hall in Munich since 1972

12.02.2015 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Sunday marks the marquee's 600th show Not only is Holiday on Ice celebrating its anniversary, but this Sunday also marks another very special date in the Olympic Park! On the last day of the performance by Platinum is the 600th show in the Olympic Hall. "Holiday on Ice is definitely our longest-running event in the Olympic Park. The ice skaters were demonstrating their skills under the roof of the marquee as far back as 1972 - three months after the Olympic Games", recalls Olympic Park boss Arno Hartung. "And nowadays, an event history like this is a rare thing!", says Hartung, delightedly. Over the course of 40 years, some 2.5 million people have come to watch the 600 shows in the Olympic Hall. Unforgettable stars such as Katarina Witt and Kilius & Bäumler have appeared, and even Norbert Schramm, who is making his comeback on the ice in the current show. This year too, Holiday on Ice is continuing to enjoy tremendous popularity with the Munich audience. Ahead of the last five shows, over 40,000 tickets have been sold. The anniversary show (70 years!) will be on in the Olympic Hall until the 15th of February. PLATINUM - The show A musical journey ranging from electro, classic waltzes, swing and gospel all the way through to Brazilian samba, designed especially for PLATINUM, represents the timeless and international approach that HOLIDAY ON ICE has taken since it first opened in America in the 1940s. The first act, "Back in the day", uses contemporary music and costumes to create nostalgia for HOLIDAY ON ICE traditions that the fans have come to love since the show first began in 1943. At PLATINUM, former Olympic winners and world champions who have appeared in HOLIDAY ON ICE are honoured through original photos projected onto the ice. Their performances are also reinterpreted live by figure skaters in the show for the audience. The second act, "Today", offers a variety of scenes and music, all brought together in a modern setting. Glamorous costumes that seem to have just come from the catwalks of Paris, along with music that could be played in the hottest clubs, still leave centre stage to the figure skating in PLATINUM, since this is after all the star of HOLIDAY ON ICE.

With a Brazilian frenzy of energy and joie de vivre, PLATINUM sends its public into a HOLIDAY ON ICE future with many more years of unique ice-skating talent.