Ready for the next level MUNICH MASH 2015

18.03.2015 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Ready for the next level? The dates have been chosen: Between 26th and 28th June 2015, the Olympic Park will host the ultimate action sports event, MUNICH MASH, for the second time. The disciplines for 2015: Skateboard Street, BMX Street and Mountainbike Slopestyle. The competitors: Top athletes from the international action sports scene. The set-up: unusual, as usual, exceptional and spectacular. The MASH-Fest and Cultural Village will also be there with their interactive areas, music, culture and information stands providing even more action sports spirit and lifestyle. All in all, there'll be no shortage of opportunities to immerse yourself in three days of the very best action sports.

"The première last year showed us pretty impressively how much we're on the right road with MUNICH MASH. No fewer than 52,000 visitors flooded into the Olympic Park. Now, we need to take our action sports event to the next level. And we need to do it everywhere, both on the sport side, but most importantly in the fringe events and the MASH-Fest," says OK boss Frank Seipp, describing this year's mission. "We need to following our successful start with a successful second act. It's not an easy undertaking, but it's what we're aiming to do. We want to help MUNICH MASH grow every year in collaboration with our partners and with the support of the state capital making it a truly international headline event in Munich on the action sports scene," adds Arno Hartung, Managing Director of Olympiapark München GmbH.

"The cream of the crop" - the world's best action sports stars of the skateboard, BMX and mountain bike scene will be showcasing their best and most sensational tricks in a spectacular set-up and providing some truly thrilling contests.

"SWATCH PRIME LINE MUNICH was simply perfect: superb weather, a great atmosphere and a fantastic audience. It was so much fun, and it'll be just so cool to stand on the podium again," says last year's runner-up Sam Pilgrim. It'll be "high and crazy" at the SWATCH PRIME LINE MUNICH 2015 too. That's because the very best of the mountain bike scene will be taking their places above the unique marquee roof of the Olympic Stadium and totally rocking the course towards the Olympic Lake. Daredevil jumps amid some spectacular scenery from the very best perspective and offering a perfect view for the fans near the track. It's party time - and only the best will do. The second SWATCH PRIME LINE MUNICH is one of the five Diamond Events in 2015, i.e. one of the most important races in the FMB World Tour, alongside the Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle (NZL), Crankworx Les2Alpes Slopestyle (FRA), Crankworx Whistler Slopestyle (CAN) and the Red Bull Rampage (USA). The participation of the world's best riders guarantees it. For this year's Diamond Series, the first ten athletes in the Diamond Events 2014 have of course qualified, so these include Brandon Semenuk (FRA), Brett Rheeder (CAN), Thomas Genon (BEL), Sam Reynolds (GBR) and the winner of the SWATCH PRIME LINE MUNICH 2014 Luis Reboul (FRA), to name but a few.

Staging a first-class event with the best of the best - an ambition that's also coming true for the BMX Contest 2015, showcasing not only the most successful athletes in the Olympic Ice Stadium, but also of course on a track that sets new standards. In fact, street is currently the most popular discipline in BMX sports. In view of this, and because the BMX STREET RINK was so successful last year with Alex Kennedy (GBR) as the winner and best rider, it goes without saying the contest is gearing up for a second time. Just like on the BMX scene, street is also the most popular discipline with skateboarders across the world. This is without doubt due to the fact that the place they're in is definitely "the place to be". The street offers maximum freedom and limitless possibilities, after all. In 2015, however, the venue is MUNICH MASH. As part of the SKATEBOARD STREET RINK in the Olympic Ice Stadium, the world's finest skateboarders will be battling it out on a meticulously designed course not just for fame and glory, but also for the ultimate excitement of the fans. Nerve-jangling moments, tension and athletes who do the seemingly impossible - that's what action sports are all about. But not just that! Action sports follow their own rules, have their own culture and have their own lifestyle. And it's precisely this spirit, the mixture of sport and lifestyle, that MUNICH MASH offers. Here, the action sports heroes rub shoulders with the wild figures of the music scene and the free spirits of the art and design scene.

MASH-Fest - for everyone who wants to experience the fun factor of action sports for themselves, there are plenty of interactive courses to enjoy - including skating, BMX riding or mountain biking over the terrain. The MASH-Fest, which this year centres around the Coubertinplatz, is the meeting point at which all of the activities of MUNICH MASH come together not only geographically, but also spiritually and emotionally.

MUSIC - To excel and have fun, you need the right beat in your blood. MASH is starting a fast-paced weekend with a legendary Red Bull tour bus opener. Who exactly is going to be rocking the Friday evening stage at the Olympia Park, however, remains a secret for now. There's space to chill out in the CULTURAL VILLAGE, surrounded by the beaux esprits of the art world, perfectionist craftsmen and dedicated designers. There'll be a carefully blended mix of fairly laid-back ideas to experience amid the relaxed atmosphere of a cultural get-together.

Up-to-date information about the Munich Action Sports Heroes 2015 events can be found at and Tickets are expected go on sale for MUNICH MASH in April 2015!