Olympiapark welcomes its 200 millionth visitor

03.11.2015 - Olympiapark München GmbH

since 1972 to events and other activities.
Munich's Olympiapark has been writing its story of success since 1972, and this success is also reflected in its visitor numbers. The 200 millionth registered visitor in the post-Olympic period has now been welcomed. 200 million visitors, who have attended around 12,500 events or bought a ticket for the park's leisure and tourist facilities, is a number to be proud of. And that’s not even counting the countless people who have used the Olympiapark free of charge. “Munich is delighted by the Olympiapark’s tremendous appeal and its global reputation,” said Christine Stroble, 3rd Mayoress of the State Capital of Munich and Supervisory Board Chairperson of Olympiapark München GmbH. Together with Olympiapark Managing Director Arno Hartung, she couldn’t wait to welcome the 200 millionth registered visitor in person. On 3rd November at around eleven a.m., everything was ready at the cash desk in the Olympic Tower. The congratulations were received by a very excited Ursula Pötsch from Bad Reichenhall, who was visiting the Olympiapark with her daughters Valentina and Sophia. As an anniversary present, the lucky Olympic Tower visitor was treated to a candle-lit dinner in Restaurant 181 and an annual pass to Sea Life. World champions in event-organising, but more than that: the 200 million registered visitors are made up of around 112.5 million visitors to events and 87.5 million users of the park's leisure and tourism facilities. “Our three-pillar programme is the formula for success at the Olympiapark that allows us to attract around four million paying guests each year to our park. We are doing everything we can to keep these numbers up and to increase the Olympiapark's appeal even further,” says Arno Hartung. Further information can be found at www.olympiapark.de