Passion glamour and a massive stage at Holiday on Ice

12.11.2015 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Giovanni Zarrella performs with Vintage Vegas in the Holiday on Ice show PASSION - Musical trio live in the Olympiahalle - Five-times German ice-skating champion Annette Dytrt completes the cast.

After the anniversary show in 2015, the show goes on - with passion on the ice, and quite literally so because the new show’s title is PASSION! From 10th to 14th February 2016, the Olympiahalle again plays host to Holiday on Ice.   PASSION looks at the passion of ice skaters from their first steps on their blades to their grand performances in the spotlights. The new show takes the audience on a journey that tells them about the experiences of every ice skater. Inspired by the dreams and experiences of the Holiday on Ice troupe, this production reflects real-life stories - from discovering their passion for ice skating as a child to making the goal of their career to perform at the Olympics, and the desire to stand on the ice on a very big stage. PASSION traces the unflagging journey taken by these exceptionally talented artists, characterised by highs and lows, ambition, hard training and moments of euphoria in the spotlights. Giovanni Zarrella “swops” in Holiday on Ice Giovanni Zarrella's new band, the charming newcomer Vintage Vegas, is joining PASSION on its tour of Germany. The three-piece band will also be inspiring Munich’s audiences in the Olympiahalle with their unique “swop” style - i.e. “swing meets pop”, however unlikely that sounds. Together with his band colleagues Tom Marks and Inan Lima, Giovanni Zarrella will be performing hits in the charm of swing that are coordinated with the show live at all dates. Another star guest: Annette Dytrt Alongside Vintage Vegas, the five-times German champion ice skater Annette Dytrt will be completing the cast of Holiday on Ice. The Czech-born artist perfectly embodies what PASSION is all about: “Even as a small child, I wanted to go out on the ice on the big stage. I can’t wait to go on tour with the Holiday on Ice family”, says Dytrt delightedly. She has also trained for many years in the Olympiapark, and so her performances in the Olympiahalle will be very much on “home” territory.