Olympiapark welcomes its 30 millionth visitor to the Olympic Hall since 1972

20.09.2017 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Munich's Olympiapark has been writing its story of success since 1972, and this is also reflected in its visitor numbers. Across the whole park, around 210 million registered visitors have been welcomed so far during the post-Olympic period. The Olympic stadium alone broke the magic record of 50 million visitors two years ago, and now the Olympic Hall has also reached a milestone achievement: At the Sting concert on 19th September, Olympiapark's Managing Director Marion Schöne welcomed the park's 30 millionth visitor. Martina Kirchner from Munich was surprised and delighted by her voucher for an indoor concert of her choice and the fantastic book entitled "Rock & Pop in Munich's Olympiapark", which were presented by rock museum founders Herbert Hauke and Arno Frank Eser. Martina can now research the Olympiapark's rock and pop history and look forward to the next concert she is going to in the Olympic Hall. The Olympic Hall held its first event just six days after the end of the Olympic Games, with the first rock concert taking place in January 1973. Since then, over 3,000 events have been held in the hall under the famous marquee roof. Registered visitors during the post-Olympic period are all visitors who have attended the 13,400 or so events or purchased a ticket to use the park's leisure and tourist facilities. And that’s not even including the countless people who have used the Olympiapark free of charge. Photo of the 30 millionth visitor to Munich's Olympic Hall (from left): Olympiapark boss Marion Schöne, Martina Kirchner in the Olympic Hall. Photo: Olympiapark/Martin Hangen