For 55000 Munich residents the Olympic Park was a true outdoor sports paradise

16.09.2018 - Olympiapark München GmbH

For 55,000 Munich residents, the Olympic Park was a true outdoor sports paradise on Sunday at the 3rd M-net Munich Outdoor Sports Festival: whether it be kite flying, yoga or climbing - the events inspired by the motto of "Get involved and discover your sport", featuring around 60 outdoor activities, were immensely popular with sports enthusiasts. This year too, visitors were able to look forward to trying out a wide variety of activities to join in with at various locations across the park. From paragliding on Olympic Hill to ice climbing on the Coubertinplatz, from stand-up paddling on the Olympic Lake to the marquee roof tour above the Olympic Stadium. There were also fun and leisure games such as Frisbee and crossminton, while the ski jump and the M-net Flying Fox provided an adrenaline thrill, and the rowing eights recreated that Olympic feel. The greatest sporting challenge was to also try out as many of the activities as possible within the eight hours between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. City Councillor Verena Dietl, who was representing the City Mayor Dieter Reiter at the opening of the festival, said: "For me, it's very important that the sporting city of Munich offers something for everyone. At the Outdoor Sports Festival, there is a huge variety of activities to discover, providing a wonderful resource for Munich residents." Sports Director Beatrix Zurek also added: "Anyone who has flown over the Olympic Lake with the Flying Fox or who's dared to have a go at the ski jump will not forget their experiences any time soon. The more citizens who develop a desire to try out a new type of sport or become a member of a sports club, the better. This is why every Euro that we've invested together with the Olympic Park in this event is money well spent." For the event organisers, the Department of Education and Sport for the State Capital of Munich and Olympiapark München GmbH, the second outing of the Outdoor Sports Festival in 2017 was a tremendous success. And this year was no less impressive, with visitors joining in with the activities in the Olympic Park with a great deal of enthusiasm, courage and curiosity. Further information and photographs of the 3rd M-net Outdoors Sports Festival can be found at: