Get involved and discover your sport

27.07.2018 - Olympiapark München GmbH

On the 16th of September, sports goes outdoors in Munich One month earlier than in the last two years, the 3rd M-net Munich Outdoor Sports Festival will be under starter's orders in the Olympic Park today. So for the 16th of September, the motto is going to be "Get involved and discover your sport". And what's more, Munich's residents will be able to try out the 60 or so outdoor activities in the Olympic Park for an hour longer than usual today, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In 2017, around 55,000 visitors of all ages enjoyed a day full of unique experiences at the M-net Munich Outdoor Sports Festival. And we're hoping that will be true this time too. The Department for Education and Sport in the State Capital of Munich and Olympiapark München GmbH are once again inviting anyone with an interest in sport to take part in the attractive programme of activities relating to outdoor sports. The entire park will once again become a "playing field". Sporting opportunities and infotainment await Munich residents at every turn, and all of them offer free entry! Mountain, water, popular and action sports - but also more familiar, classical types of sport will feature in this popular event, which is part of the Munich Sports Festivals, with the park providing the ideal location for all of them - on the Olympic Lake, the Olympic Hill, the Olympic Stadium and the Coubertinplatz. And yet again, there's something in the air - quite literally: the programme highlights of the M-net Munich Outdoor Sports Festival once again include the 400-metre-long M-net Flying Fox event, starting at the Olympic Hill and heading for the grass in front of the Olympic indoor swimming pool. This flight is without doubt a very unusual experience at this event which, in terms of outdoor sports, showcases virtually everything that Munich has to offer: professional trainers on the Olympic Hill, for example, will be showing volunteers the ropes of paragliding. On the Olympic Lake, the water park will be presenting a variety of types of sport, including stand-up paddling, rowing and sailing. The Coubertinplatz also has an extensive selection of sports that are great to enjoy all year round. A mobile ski jump installation, for example, or the ice climbing wall will provide the perfect surge of adrenaline ... And these are just a few examples of the many facilities on offer. In total, around 60 sporting partners, including clubs, associations and institutions, will be offering participation programmes, demonstrations and infotainment, all inspired by the motto of: Get involved and discover your sport! The locations and a summary of the activities on offer Visitors can look forward to an extensive array of sporting options on the Coubertinplatz, covering everything from mountain, fun and action sports to the more classic types of sport.  The M-net Munich Outdoor Sports Festival will feature an exciting programme of water sports on the Olympic Lake.  The marquee roof tours on the Olympic Stadium - with a "summit attempt" included - will offer stunning views over the park and Munich.  Up we go on the Olympic Hill. In addition to the M-net Flying Fox, mountain karts, paragliding and kite-flying courses, as well as a high rope course, will be available to try. Further information and the latest press releases can be found at: