The Midsummer Night's Dream surpassed all expectations on the Olympic Park's 50th anniversary and delighted 34,000 visitors. The spectacular anniversary fireworks display under the motto "A Sign of Life" caused goose bumps and crowned the summer night of the year.

Under a bright blue sky and a dream backdrop, Silbermond, Culcha Candela and Paul Kowol sang their way into the hearts of the 34,000 visitors:inside, 2raumwohnung, Lizki and the HyTop DJs provided alternative sound at the 2022 Summer Night's Dream. They all set the mood for the long-awaited anniversary fireworks.

The overall concept of artist diversity, international culinary delights and extraordinary sound and colour composition as the highlight of the evening, made the summer night of the year an unforgettable experience.

"A Sign of Life": Fireworks for the first time with the Olympic Tower and the Olympic Stadium When darkness fell at 10:15 p.m., the time had come: the Olympic fanfare from 1972 filled the festival area and opened the musical sea of lights of the evening. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Park, the fireworks were also set off for the first time from the Olympic Tower and the roof of the Olympic Stadium. A colourful 50 on the Olympic Hill lit up the night sky as well as a peace sign, hearts and smileys - in keeping with the motto "A Sign of Life". Well-known songs like "Can you feel the love tonight" from "The Lion King" or "Happy" by Pharrell Williams not only created some wow effects, but also great emotions. In short: probably the longest goosebump moment you can experience outdoors in Munich - simply #atraum.

With 70,000 visitors, MASH celebrated a fantastic comeback at the weekend. Even the rainy Friday could not harm the new edition of the action sports festival after two years of forced break in the Olympic Park. "It was a real festival, Olympiapark at its best. The enthusiasm and atmosphere of the fans at the international first-class contests, the many visitors of all ages who strolled through the MASH Fest - it was simply wonderful. This shows what a gift Munich got with this park 50 years ago," says a delighted Marion Schöne, general manager of Munich Olympic Park, and continues: "We are proud and happy that MASH was able to celebrate such a comeback. And it gives us courage and makes us look forward to all the events that will follow in the next few weeks, such as the Midsummer Night's Dream or the European Championships Munich 2022."
50 years of the Olympic Park Munich. Five decades of sports, concerts, events, experiences, joy and emotions. Olympic Park Munich would like to celebrate these park moments in the anniversary year 2022 with a special campaign under the motto "Hosting Joy since 1972".