FC Bayern wins MÜNCHEN UNITED legends match at the Olympic Stadium by 8:6 goals

23.10.2022 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Of course it was about the joy of football and the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Park - but of course it was also about winning, about the fans and last but not least about the good cause. And the legends' match today, Sunday, did justice to all of this: in front of 25,000 enthusiastic spectators, FC Bayern München won the MUNICH UNITED charity match by 8:6 goals.

The goals for FC Bayern were scored by legends Giovane Elber, Paulo Sergio, Marcel Witeczek and Zvjezdan Misimović, Claudio Pizarro and Ivica Olić scored twice each and goalkeeper Hans-Jörg Butt converted a penalty. The goals for the "Blues" were scored by Stefan Reisinger, Sascha Mölders scored three times and Benny Lauth twice.

Particularly pleasing: thanks to the active support of the clubs, service providers, sponsors and of course the 25,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium, Giovane Elber, Benjamin Lauth and Olympic Park manager Marion Schöne were able to present a cheque for 50,000 euros to Kerstin Mena Palacio from the "Die Arche" children's foundation in Munich-Moosach.