Sustainability was a core value of the European Championships Munich 2022 and ran like a thread through the planning and organisation of the multi-sport event. Impressive figures back the great success of the sustainability initiative Count & Last that left its mark in ecological, social, and economic terms. The City of Munich benefited from the event with a local added value of 122 million euros and an advertising value of 486 million euros.

As the largest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games, the European Championships Munich 2022 got the whole of Munich moving and united the existing European championships of nine Olympic sports and the festival The Roofs under one roof. The Local Organising Committee have published their final sustainability report, with outstanding figures highlighting the long-term effects the sustainability management has triggered on all three levels (economic, ecological, and social). The City of Munich benefited with a local added value of 122 million euros* and achieved an advertising value of 486 million euros** through the visibility in all media throughout Europe.

Using water dispensers, over 500,000 PET bottles were saved and over 5,000 kg of banners and flag materials were recycled. By offering 120 hours of inclusive services with audio descriptions, inductive hearing systems and sign language interpretation, the event was an inclusive experience for all. Munich 2022 also left a lasting impression on the youth: more than 83,000 children and teenagers were part of the Future Class of 22 initiative.

Sustainability was made a priority in the organisation of the multi-sport European Championships. The organisers relied on long-term concepts and the reuse of existing infrastructures. Munich 2022 proved that a large-scale event and sustainability can go hand in hand, serving as an inspiring example for future events in more ways than one.

The success of the Count & Last initiative is reflected in the following facts and figures:

  • Use of 0% new buildings, 2% temporary structures, 1% renovated areas, 97% existing sports infrastructure;
  • Over 83,000 children and young people set in motion as part of the Future Class of 22 initiative before and during Munich 2022;
  • 4,000 participants completed the Munich 2022 Sports Badge during the event, in which sporting challenges had to be mastered in all nine sports;
  • Around 5,000 kg of banners and flag fabrics could be reused;
  • Over 120 hours of inclusive services were provided (all medal decisions with audio description, inductive listening systems, sign language interpretation);
  • 95.8% of visitors with disabilities were (very) satisfied with the event experience;
  • More than 500,000 PET bottles were saved by installing water dispensers and distributing reusable drinking bottles;
  • Climate neutrality was achieved by offsetting the event-related carbon footprint of 8,699.84 t CO₂;
  • 10,962 climate protection contributions were made when buying a ticket;
  • Local added value of 122 million euros for the City of Munich;
  • Advertising value of 486 million euros for the City of Munich.

All data and background information can be found in the final sustainability report of the European Championships Munich 2022.

The commitment of the European Championships Munich 2022 on this topic was recognised on 31 May with the Award for Sustainability in Sport at the SPOBIS Conference 2023, Europe's largest sports business event. In the "Venue & Event" category, Munich 2022 was chosen as the winner for its outstanding sustainability initiative.

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About the European Championships Munich 2022:

Nine European Championships under one roof - the second edition of the European Championships took place in Munich from 11 to 21 August 2022 and was a complete success. More than 4,000 athletes from 50 nations took part in athletics, beach volleyball, canoe sprint, cycling, gymnastics rowing, sport climbing, table tennis, and triathlon. Germany finished atop the medal table after 175 medal decisions and was awarded the European Championships Nations Trophy.

The multi-sport European Championships were founded by European Championships Management Sàrl (ECM). The umbrella organisation manages and coordinates the event in cooperation with the participating federations, host cities and media partners. The date for the third edition of the European Championships in 2026 has been set for the period from 30 July to 9 August. The process of selecting host cities for future editions of the event is coordinated by ECM.


*Source: Department of Labour and Economic Affairs of the City of Munich

**Source: Intelligent Research in Sponsoring GmbH

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