Stadium renovation takes final hurdle

26.07.2023 - Olympiapark München GmbH

City Council decides on extensive measures in the Olympic Park.

"I am delighted that the City Council has today decided to carry out the extensive refurbishment of the Olympic Stadium. This measure secures the future of the Olympic Park as an event and leisure centre as well as a world-renowned tourist destination for many years to come and strengthens the Olympic Park and its importance for Munich," commented Verena Dietl, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Olympiapark München GmbH and Sports Mayor of the City of Munich, on the decision.

The general refurbishment includes, among other things, the operating technology, the expansion of fire protection and the modernisation of levels 1 to 4, which are very important for event operations but also for visitor comfort.

"We can see the importance of the Olympic Stadium in live entertainment this year in particular, with eleven open-air concerts with over 700,000 visitors filling the event calendar. The atmosphere that is created at major events, whether in sport - such as the recent European Championships 2022 - or open-air concerts, is simply unique and enjoys the highest reputation in the industry. I am relieved and expressly thank the city council that we now have the prospect of being able to use and market the stadium even better after the refurbishment, not only in terms of music and sport, but also with other and new event formats," says Marion Schöne, Managing Director of Olympic Park Munich GmbH.