Wed 14.02.2024

Bibi & Tina

Die außerirdische Hitparade

Small Olympic Hall

They first thrilled their Munich fans in February 2023, and now Bibi and Tina are coming back to the Small Olympic Hall. In their new adventure "Bibi & Tina - Die außerirdische Hitparade," the two friends will once again experience an exciting adventure on February 14, 2024, this time on a fantastic journey into outer space. Germany's most successful children's and family show penetrates entirely new galaxies.

Radio plays and comic books, animated series and movies: For more than three decades, the two cheerful teenagers have enchanted millions of children. And they also celebrate great successes on stage: Around 500,000 enthusiastic people have so far watched the three big live shows with the stories of Bibi Blocksberg and her friend Tina Martin. After "The Big Show" and "The Concert," Bibi and Tina toured the country in 2023 with "Die verhexte Hitparade. With songs and stories penned by the producer duo Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer, the two friends will now master numerous challenges and have lots of fun in "Die außerirdische Hitparade". 

This production is thus also guaranteed to be a fascinating stage show with lots of special effects, thrilling choreography and plenty of hits that invite you to laugh, dance and sing along. In short, the best entertainment for the whole family and all fans of Bibi and Tina - no matter whether they are already insiders of the show as regular guests or whether they let themselves be carried away and taken on an exciting journey into space for the first time.

5:00 PM
Entry 4:00 PM
Small Olympic Hall


pop-out Live GmbH - Berlin

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