Sat 24.05.2025

Chris Tall

Laugh Stories

Olympic Hall

It's going to be a mega tour: from February 2024 to May 2025, Chris Tall will be touring the country's major venues with his new show "Laugh Stories". On his final leg, the stand-up comedian will once again involve the audience in the Olympic Hall in his programme with spontaneous interaction on 24 May 2025: on an evening of his usual wonderfully satirical everyday situations and new grotesque absurdities.

Chris Tall discovered his talent for the stage during his training as an insurance salesman. The Hamburg native, whose real name is Christopher Nast, came into the limelight when he won the RTL Comedy Grand Prix in 2013. This was followed by more and more appearances on Stefan Raab's "TV Total", the "Bülent Ceylan Show" and the comedy shows "NightWash" and "Quatsch Comedy Club". He has also appeared in the cinema in films such as "Abschussfahrt" (2015) and "Männertag" (2016).

However, Chris Tall's live performances are the main source of enthusiasm among his fans: with his solo programmes such as "Versetzung gefährdet", "Selfie von Mutti" and "Und jetzt ist Papa dran". After "Schönheit braucht Platz", the fifth tour could also have been called "Chris Tall N°5 - Limited Edition" - after all, every evening with him is as unique as a strictly limited perfume. But "Laugh Stories" is also a suitable name for evenings on which Chris Tall takes us on a journey full of interpersonal problems and other disasters in his usual humorous way and with plenty of self-irony. You can laugh heartily on 24 May 2025 in the Olympic Hall. Laugh loudly, laugh lovely.

08:00 PM
Entry 06:30 PM
Olympic Hall


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