MASH presents two new contests for 2016 with SLS Nike SB World Tour and WAKEBOARD BIG AIR

01.03.2016 - Olympiapark München GmbH

Munich Action Sports Heroes, 1-3 July 2016, Munich Olympiapark We’ve reached the next level! MASH is presenting two new contests in the Olympiapark for 2016. In addition to the first-class SWATCH PRIME LINE Diamond Series event in the FMB World Tour, visitors to the Olympiapark from 1st to 3rd July can also look forward to the first tour stop of the STREET LEAGUE SKATEBOARDING (SLS) Nike SB World Tour 2016, showcasing the best talent the discipline has to offer. The world’s best wakeboarders will also be battling it out for the first time on the Olympic Lake in the Big Air discipline.   “When we are designing this event, which is unique to the Olympiapark, it’s important to us to develop and grow the event each year. And in 2016, with the tour stop by Street League Skateboarding and our own wakeboard event, we’ve really succeeded,” explains Olympiapark boss Arno Hartung. “We're actually very proud that we’ve been able to bring SLS to the Olympiapark in the third year of MASH. In the world of skateboarding, it gives MASH a real accolade,” says OK boss Frank Seipp, adding: “We’re also delighted to have WAKEBOARD BIG AIR as a new attraction on the MASH programme, enabling us to offer our audience an other aspect of action sports.”   After the highly successful première in 2014, MASH enjoyed a significant increase in visitor numbers at its second outing last year. 67,000 visitors to the Olympiapark enjoyed three days of first-class action sports and the MASH FEST. The SWATCH PRIME LINE FMB Diamond Series event electrified tens of thousands of visitors, while the mood and excitement of the BMX STREET RINK and SKATEBOARD STREET RINK contests were perfect. The musical highlight of CASPER with DJ on the Red Bull tour bus was wildly popular. MASH wants to continue this success in 2016: SWATCH PRIME LINE – MOUNTAINBIKE SLOPESTYLE SWATCH PRIME LINE - it has always been and remains renowned for its first-class, breathtaking action: mountainbike slopestyle of the very best kind, both for the audience and the athletes. “I'm so happy, it feels fantastic! Fans in Germany are incredible and I couldn’t wish for anything more right now!”, enthused the world-class rider Bhett Rheeder (CAN) following his 2015 victory in the Olympiapark. The best athletes from the FMB World Tour 2016 will be lining up on the start line for the third SWATCH PRIME LINE too. Once again, tonnes of earth are being moved to create a course that demands everything from the athletes. One thing's for sure: it's gonna get “high and crazy”. Every athlete will attempt to find the most spectacular and most fluid line on the course of the slopestyle event in the Diamond Series. From the edge of the Olympic Stadium, they’ll rock the dynamic course towards the Olympic Lake and thrill their fans. STREET LEAGUE SKATEBOARDING MASH is presenting the first tour stop in the Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour 2016. The world’s 29 best skateboarders will be lining up at the start of the biggest professional skateboarding series. The contest will be held in a clear ISX™ Instant Scoring format and, like all of the SLS tour stops, will be played out in a unique concrete skate park. During the last SLS visit in Munich in 2013, professional skateboarder Chris Cole celebrated his first victory at the SLS World Tour in a sold-out Olympic Ice Stadium. “I'm hugely excited about coming back to Munich,” says Cole. “Last time, the fans gave me incredible support. It really motivated me.” Alongside Chris Cole, other top boarders from the international streetskate scene such as Luan Oliveira, Nyjah Huston and Paul Rodriguez will be taking part in the biggest-prize skating series in the world at the Olympic Ice Stadium. The opening event of the SLS World Tour at MASH will be broadcast via livestream on the Internet ( and live in the USA also on TV (FS1 and FOX Sports GO). WAKEBOARD BIG AIR With WAKEBOARD BIG AIR, MASH is turning the Olympic Lake into this year’s coolest spot after the spectacular host match of the Red Bull X Fighters in 2014: for the first time ever, the elite of the wakeboarding world will be meeting up for a spectacular Big Air contest. 16 of the world’s best wakeboarders – including local heroes Dominik Gührs (Munich) and Nico von Lerchenfeld, as well s top riders Brenton Priestley (AUS) and Daniel Grant (THA) - will be defying gravity here and performing their most breath-taking tricks on the Big Air, already tried and tested at Red Bull Rising High. For the setup of the Wakeboard Big Air, designed by UNIT Parktech, the height difference between the upper and lower Olympic Lake was used to make the jumps even more spectacular. The different levels, as well as the kicker’s height, allow a jump height of almost three metres. The gap between the kicker and the landing of more than 15 metres will make for some mighty airtime. Altogether, the riders will not only have jumps of up to eight metres in height and 25 metres in width, but the course will also be sure to produce tricks that have never been seen before in the Olympiapark! MASH LIFESTYLE Of course, the emphasis is on the sporting contests first and foremost. But MASH offers so much more too! That’s because the world of action sports has its own culture and its own lifestyle. And it is precisely this spirit that MASH also wants to showcase in 2016 too: “Over the last two years, we’ve been able to see very clearly that the particular appeal and success of MASH is based on the interaction of sport and the fringe programme. So that’s why we’re attaching as much importance to the design of the MASH FEST and CULTURAL VILLAGE as we are to the first-class sports programme,” says Frank Seipp. The MASH FEST and CULTURAL VILLAGE with their interactive zones, music, art, culture and information will once again become the focal points for all visitors. This is where the sport and lifestyle of action sports meet. Anyone who wants to, for example, can experience the fun side of various types of sport, learn about the latest trends, get creative, have a few minutes' rest in the chill-out area or, for the first time this year, really rock out. That’s because the stage in the chill-out area will play host to a series of events that will really give your ears a work-out on Friday and Saturday the 1st and 2nd of July! What's in store: A mixture of gigs from up-and-coming bands and established music projects. The artistic director of the P.Obb stage is Matthias Fischer, and the music programme will also be supported by MASH media partner Puls, the youth radio programme on Bavarian Radio.

MASH tickets: just like last year, access to the spectacular mountainbike slopestyle event SWATCH PRIME LINE on Coubertinplatz is free. WAKEBOARD BIG AIR on the Olympic Lake will also be free, as will of course MASH FEST and the CULTURAL VILLAGE. Ticket pre-sales for the STREET LEAGUE SKATEBOARDING in the Olympic Ice Stadium will commence at the start of April 2016.

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