Werner-von-Linde Hall

Das Zentrum für Leichtathletiktraining Werner-von-Linde-Halle in der Außenansicht
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Named after the former track and field athlete and sculler Werner von Linde (1904 – 1975), one of the most passionate campaigners for the Olympic Games in 1972. After the Games von Linde was head of the board of directors of the Olympic Park, after his death the by then unnamed hall was dedicated to him.

The hall behind the main stand of the Olympic Stadium served as the warm up area for the track and field athletes during the Games of 1972 as well as during the European Championships in 2002. After its refurbishment in 2006 it has remained a most popular training facility for national and international world class athletes and a venue for local and regional championships as well as for the annual Werner-von-Linde-sportsfestival.

Attention Emission Zone – Park harp free!

The Middle Ring itself is not a green zone. Thus, there is for visitors to the Olympia Park the opportunity to drive directly from the central ring (Landshuterallee) Sapporobogen on the harp in the Park – without environmental badge.

Parking fees

Parking fees for cars:

Park harp: 5.00 €/day


At the Olympic Tower parking deck and parking at the Olympic Ice Sport Centre:

up to 30 minutes free

2 hours: 4,00 €

3 hours: 5,00 €

4 hours: 6,00 €

5 hours: 7,00 €

6 hours: 8,00 €

daily rate: 12,00 €


Parking fees for bus: parking at the Olympic Ice Sport Centre:

30 minutes: 5,00 € 

90 minutes: 10,00 €

daily rate: 20,00 €


Campers: Park harp at the Olympic Stadium: 20.00 €/day

Olympic Ice Sport Centre Key Facts

Ice Stadium Ice skating tent Training hall
Capacity:   6,262 seats   -/- 600 seats
94.52 m
60.77 m
12.25 m
87.00 m
64.00 m
15.30 m
78.50 m
35.00 m
13.00 m
Enclosed Space: 70,000 m3 -/- 22,950 m3
Ice Area: 30 x 60 m 45 x 60 m   30 x 60 m
Lighting System: 1,200 Lux 400 Lux 1,200 Lux