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Die Dachkonstruktion der Schwimmhalle
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Take a deep breath, make a dive and swim in the trails of Mark Spitz – on just the location where the outstanding swimmer of 1972 sank all his opponents. The American Superstar took seven Olympic Titles and crowned himself as the most successful athlete of the Games. After the Olympics the Swimming Hall has been the setting for the German Swimming Championships six times. Nowadays it is one of Munich’s most popular public pools. Compared to many other swimming baths the focus is not only on fun and leisure but also on the underlining of the sporty side. Many Munich based swimming clubs use the 50-meter-pool for training as well as competition. More than four decades after the Summer Games of 1972 the Olympic Swimming Hall still provides the best conditions for a peak performance.

Furthermore there is a jump basin with diving platforms in the range from one to ten meters, a relax area with sauna, a gym and many offers to get a wellness massage. In the summertime there is a sunbathing area outside, further attractions are a climbing wall, a trampoline setting and table tennis.

The Olympic Swimming Pool is one of the M-Pools of the SWM

For all the latest information on opening times and admission charges, please visit:
Olympia Swimming Pool or call the Pool Hotline: 089/23 61-50 50

Attention Emission Zone – Park harp free!

The Middle Ring itself is not a green zone. Thus, there is for visitors to the Olympia Park the opportunity to drive directly from the central ring (Landshuterallee) Sapporobogen on the harp in the Park – without environmental badge.

Parking fees

Parking fees for cars:

Park harp: 5.00 €/day


At the Olympic Tower parking deck and parking at the Olympic Ice Sport Centre:

up to 30 minutes free

2 hours: 4,00 €

3 hours: 5,00 €

4 hours: 6,00 €

5 hours: 7,00 €

6 hours: 8,00 €

daily rate: 12,00 €


Parking fees for bus: parking at the Olympic Ice Sport Centre:

30 minutes: 5,00 € 

90 minutes: 10,00 €

daily rate: 20,00 €


Campers: Park harp at the Olympic Stadium: 20.00 €/day

Event Highlights

There have been more than 21.4 million visitors since 27 July 1973. Europe's largest garden and indoor swimming pool with sauna, solarium and sunbathing lawn.

The swimming centre is a training centre for numerous Munich water sports clubs, schools and the Technical University.

(last updated 31.12.2018)


Olympic Qualification
1980, 1984, 1990, 1992, 1997, 2000
German Championships in Swimming
1985, 1990, 1996
German Championships in Diving
Swimming competiton West Germany v East Germany
German Championships in Water Ballett
International Diving Night
Magic Sports Night
seit 2000
Masters-WM in Swimmung
2004, seit 2007
TV Show: TV Total Diving